QuantumMgr is a an open-source time quantum manager.

Sounds fancy, but it's really rather simple. The purpose of this tool is allow you to keep track of tasks ("projects") - namely the time you have spent doing any given task.

The main interface window offers a series of timers -- one for each project you want to track. Using the controls beside each timer you can indicate which project (if any) you are currently working on.

The software keeps track of all the time fragments (quanta) you have worked and allows you to "bank" them at regular intervals or on an ad-hoc basis.

But that's not all! The interesting feature that elevates this from a simple GUI "widget" is its graphing functionality. Once you have accumulated a set of quanta, you can generate graphs and statistical analyses to visualise your productivity level over time.






Version 0.1: quantummgr-0.1.tar.gz (signature)


Version 0.1: quantummgr-0.1.zip for Windows (signature)