There are a number of ways to contact me. The quickest and most effective is:


I also use the above address for Jabber/XMPP and MSN.

For communication related to FreeBSD (or other projects of which I am a part), please prefer the address/account associated with that project.

Using PGP

I welcome and encourage PGP/GPG encrypted and signed messages. You can find my key at any of the major key servers; my key fingerprint is below:

Key fingerprint = B506 E6C7 74A1 CC11 9A23  5C13 9268 5D08 6B38 7A9A

But You Didn't Respond!

I aim to reply to all e-mails I receive, and in a timely fashion. However, I am often very busy and occasionally let things slip. Feel free to try again if you didn't get a response.

It is also worth noting that my mail server does not send bounce notifications. If your message looked like SPAM or contained a virus, it will have been sent to the great bitbucket in the sky without notice. That said, the SPAM filtering in place is very tolerant.