Maemo - WPA Key Editor

This is a simple utility, designed to install into the control panel of Nokia's Maemo 5 "tablet" operating system.

Unfortunately, Nokia has refused to fix a fundamental flaw in their WPA Key configuration tool(s), despite there being bug reports from the community dating back 3+ years. This means that users who attempt to enter a key in 32-byte "hex" format (accepted by most other software and hardware vendors) are greeted with an error message.

The package includes a GUI control panel applet, plus a CLI version in Perl. Both allow you to manage the WPA keys for existing WPA-PSK networks. They accept both passphrases and raw hex keys.

Ensure that you have actually configured and saved the connection you want to "edit" before running the utility. Use the existing control panel tools to do this; you'll probably need to enter a dummy key to save the connection.


Version 0.9: wpakey-editor-0.9.tar.gz (signature)

Binary Package

I recommend downloading from the extras-* repository. But here's a local ARM build anyway:

Version 0.9: wpakey-editor_0.9-1_armel.deb (signature)